Improve efficiency, and focus on your main business priorities by outsourcing to PurpleBug. Whether its IT, Digital Marketing, Back Office, or HR and Recruitment, you can PurpleBug it!
IT Outsourcing
Web Developer

PurpleBug provides skilled website / application developers across all technologies (Laravel, Progressive, Java, Ruby on Rails, Angular, PHP, Serverless Architecture, API, Data Security), which can be tailor fitted to your requirements.

App Developer and Portal Developer

PurpleBug provides expert portal and app developers skilled in Quixy, Zoho Microsoft Power Apps, and other software to make your development processes more efficient.

IT and Server Management

PurpleBug provides IT management experts who will ensure your software, networks, data storage systems, and other technological assets are properly updated, maintained, and configured.

Technical Support

PurpleBug can provide you with talented tech support personnel always ready to keep your systems protected from harmful software, optimize systems, and IT support for other complex technical issues.

AWS Developer

PurpleBug has the best AWS developers that will set up, maintain, and evolve your business web application infrastructure.

Digital Marketing Outsourcing

PurpleBug can provide you with skilled copywriters and content writers that can provide your company with both strategy and content that is tailored to your business and audience.

Social Media Content

Social media content and management are crucial to businesses. With PurpleBug, we can provide your business with engaging social media postings that will help you to maintain a strong online presence and engage with audiences better.

Online Media Planner and Buyer

PurpleBug assists in media buying and planning by strategizing, negotiating, and placing ads. Our skilled media buyers have a great understanding of how this works and what measures can be taken for better results.

Search Engine Optimization

At PurpleBug, we can provide you with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services that will help put your business on the map. Our strategies can help not only enhance your existing SEO but also provide insight into what can be made better.


Creative design can be difficult to pull off - especially if you are not familiar with it. At PurpleBug, we can provide you with a dedicated graphic designer who can help make your campaign and creative materials.

Customer Process Oursourcing
Customer Service

Addressing product concerns and inquiries can take time and resources. Reduce your operation costs and increase your businesses flexibility by keeping your clients informed and assisted through customer support outsourcing.

Technical Support (CPO)

Whereas customer service handles general and specific concerns, some customer inquiries may need specialists to address them. Outsourcing can provide specialized tech support to handle issues and concerns around your products and services.

Sales Professional

From lead generation to after sales support, PurpleBug offers skilled and effective sales professionals to help increase your customer base and manage your current clients for consistent growth in customer satisfaction.


Transcription can be tedious, and it requires a set of keen eyes and ears for detail to convert audio and video discussion points into coherent and effective documents. Outsourcing transcribers can help you focus more on getting your products and services to your customers.

Data Entry and Processing

Information is a powerful resource in business. It helps employees and management make better decisions to help improve operations, and ultimately provide premium quality service to their customers. Because of the tedious nature of organizing and presenting data in a concise manner, outsourcing data entry professionals presents several benefits.

Back Office Outsourcing
Organize Your Information

Reduce overhead costs associated with full time executive assistants and virtual assistants by outsourcing with PurpleBug s pool of highly skilled professionals with a diverse range of expertise.

Book Keeping and Reporting

PurpleBug s pool of professional bookkeepers will ensure that all your financial reports are accurate and up to date so you can focus on more important tasks.

Invoice Management (AR, AP)

Outsourcing your invoice management with PurpleBug, particularly accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR), can provide you with improved accuracy and efficiency, reduced costs, increased flexibility, and access to professionals with specialized expertise and technology.

HR and Recruitment

HR and recruitment are vital in finding the right talent, retaining employees, ensuring compliance, and creating a positive work environment for your company. With PurpleBug, you can take advantage of HR and recruitment professionals who will provide expertise in finding the right employees and in complex areas such as labor laws, benefits administration, and employee relations.

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